Sculpt a Ballerina Body at Solace Hot Yoga and Barre

Come by our yoga studio for hot barre classes in Billings and Bozeman, MT

Do you want to develop long, lean muscles? Join us for hot barre class at Solace Hot Yoga and Barre. At our Billings and Bozeman, MT yoga studio locations, we work on toning those hard-to-target muscles in your core, arms and legs.

We’re raising the “barre” on fitness at Solace Hot Yoga and Barre

We’re raising the “barre” on fitness at Solace Hot Yoga and Barre

At Solace, our heated Burn at the Barre class gives you a full-body workout using light weights, planks, squats, and ab work to give you a long, lean frame and dancer's build.  After warming up, you'll use the barre and your own body weight to sculpt your thighs, chisel your abs, and lift your seat.  Our workouts will make your legs shake, challenge your endurance, and put control to the test, all while focusing on proper form and body alignment to avoid strain and injury.  We turn up the music and heat (approx. 80 degrees).  You will experience powerful body-transforming results...we know you'll love it!   

Here's what to expect from our twist of Burn at the Barre:

  • A challenging, full-body barre workout in 50 min
  • Dynamic, invigorating programming 
  • Light weights for upper body training
  • Sculptured abs and legs, improved posture, and decreased stress

If you’re ready to transform your physique, sign up for a hot barre class today. We hope to see you soon at Solace Hot Yoga and Barre.